There has been, and will be, a load written about the "best" DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Most of it is total rubbish and exists because people would rather spend money (it seems) on buying something new that "looks" better than the old.

I have used just about everything. I started with Logic years and years ago, went on to Cubase, then Sonar, then Ableton, back to Cubase (updated version) back to Ableton, then, for the last years I have been using, and and totally happy with Reaper. This software, for me, does everything and more. In all regards, whether it is video processing, to hardware integration. It also has a VST plugin module that allows you to create like Ableton if you wish, but more than that? I can do about a million things that no other DAW can do.

An easy choice is also that it runs in the full version, totally free, until you feel guilty enough to pay the $60 full license. Compare that with the $800 approx of the others.  A no brainer.