You know the story, you buy a "Sample Library" and you cannot actually use it.  I think this is because the "producers" are sampling 1) not real instruments, and 2) they don't actually play these intruments.  Well, to address this, I have made a Sample Pack for Violin,  with usable samples, all played and recorded by me. These are NOT the "perfect" samples you normally get. With these (WAV, 24bit) you get a chromatic scale in 3 octaves, played in different articulations.  Anyone worth their salt these days knows how to cutnpaste, especially samples...  !!! And, with these samples? You can build your own chords, ANY chords, in different articulations. There is also a bonus track of just real violin messing. Cut this, and re-use as you see fit.

Here are three examples, each put together (Examples DEMOS) (minor to major only changed one note!!! the rest are just copied and pasted) using the samples you get.


This sample library is a work in progress, ALL subscribers get it, with everything else, with the subscription price... It will later be on sale as a separate entity.