Hello!  My name is William and I am a violinist. (I studied at the Royal Academy of Music in Glasgow.)  I have recently gone to the UK, after years of living in France.

I have played all over the world, most recently a tour to Ethopia for a TEDx conference followed by three months of Jazz Concerts in Addis Ababba.

This followed a tour to Canada, where I played from Montreal to Quebec with the French Gypsy Band, “Bohemia.”

I play alone, with professional backing tracks performed by real Gypsy musicians, and have a whole repetoire of Django Songs, as well as jazz standards.

I have also recently teamed up with a guitarist (we are The Experimental Scone Kitchen!) where we play a bunch of own compositions, and arrangements of stuff we improvise, ie, Mendel! (which you can hear on this site, if you wish. )


Musical Bio:

Royal Scottish Academy of Music, 1973-1977

(On a McFarlane Scholarship)


1st Prize Glasgow Music Festival 1973

1st Prize Stirling Music Festival 1970-1972

Robert Highgate Scholarship for Violin, Royal Scottish Academy of Music, 1975


Scottish Ballet Orchestra from 1974 – 1976

Scottish Chamber Orchestra,

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra,

Scottish Opera Orchestra,

Scottish Baroque Ensemble,


Passau State Opera Orchestra , Germany, 1979

Passau Opera Quartet, Germany 1979

Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra 1980-1984

Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra Quartet 1980-1984


Since leaving the classical world, I have played and toured in a great many bands, (including my own “Klazz” (where we played the Derry Jazz Festival, and the Bill Stewart Quintet, with a regular Sunday jazz in Lietrim in Ireland.)


I recently toured with “Bohemia” , as I said, (a French Gypsy Band,) through Canada, and appeared on many, many French and Canadian TV and radio shows.


I was a member of , amongst others, Swing Gitane, Gitane Swing, Strings & Co, etc, and have recorded for, among others, Eva Cunningham, Steve Wickham (with whom I was in “The Fiddle Tree” with Seamie O’Dowd, (again, we did the Derry Jazz Festival as well as sell-out concerts in Sligo, Ireland.


I co-wrote and produced the performances at “Alliance Francais” in Ethiopia, etc, of “One Girl Symphony”.. (more blues than jazz!)

Performance at TEDx, Ethopia, Addis Abbaba of “One Girl Symphony”


I recently supported a band in the Star Club in Glasgow where I played solo, playing  a mix of Jazz, Blues, Trad, and my own compositions. I have also supported 3 other bands at the Star Club in Glasgow, as part of “The Experimental Scone Kitchen.”

You may if you wish check out my many videos, in different styles here:

https://www.youtube.com/user/billfiddle/videos (youtube)

https://williamstewartviolinist.bandcamp.com/music (bandcamp)