William started playing the violin at age 10.  He won First prize in the Scottish Central Counties Music Festival in 1970, 1971, 1972, First prize in the Glasgow Music
Festival in 1973. He won the McFarlane scholarship to attend the Royal Scottish Academy of Music in Glasgow at the age of fourteen during which time he won first prize
 at the Max Rostal Masterclasses, held in Scotland. He then won the Robert Highgate Scholarship for violin in his first year at the Royal Scottish Academy for Music.
 By age 15 he was already leading the Scottish Ballet Orchestra on tour throughout the United Kingdom and went on to play and lead most of the major orchestras in Scotland.
He was offered a fourth, performers year at the Royal Scottish Academy but left half-way through to go to Germany where he lead the Passau State Opera before joining the
 world famous Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra three months later.  He also played and toured with the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra Quartet. After leaving Germany he taught
 himself computer programming and worked as an analyst/programmer for ten years in Switzerland, (but lived in the South of France) all the time composing his own music,
 though not with the violin. He has played on numerous albums, been in many bands, and is a highly sought-after session violinist.

                      Graham received his first guitar as a gift from an older American cousin while living and going to school in America during the seventies.
 Graham never took any sort of formal guitar tutoring. He just listened, absorbed and played anything from Led Zeppelin to Talking Heads and of course his hero Frank Zappa.
 Today, Graham is widely known as one the best Modern-Progressive-Finger-Style-Guitarist in Scotland. Over the years he has gained a large following for his solo work.
 He is a guitarist who is always trying to push the limits of his abilities, by creating new techniques and getting his musical mind as far out the box as he can.

Together these two musicians are pushing musical boundaries, composing their own, and arranging well known Scottish music.