That Alien keeps feckn talking.

So, boy is invited into girls room by girl. She asks if he likes her poster. Yes, he says, I like this one of Yosemite. Then, boy asks girl, which is your favorite, I would say this one with the bear? They both look at the poster, there is a bear, in the middle of a river, fishing. And he has caught a fish in it’s mouth.
Then, she starts to speak, she says:
“It is not a picture of a bear. It is a picture of a fish. It has been caught by a bear. It was just swimming , like all the other fish. Do you think any other fish even noticed? Do you think any other fish even cares? I think they don’t. I think every other fish just keeps swimming, never even noticed. They all just keep swimming upstream. That is all“
(From the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Episode 10, Series 11. )

To continue, he was becoming interesting!
But then, the Alien looked. What, I said? You just said when Columbus discovered America, right?
Er, yea!! So what?
Well, you DO know that he didn’t er actually discover america?
Yes, but, well, that is what we say, we know it is not true, but we just keep saying it, because, well, I don’t know, maybe because it is comfortable?
Comfortable? “Because” there is that word again. So, let me get this right: You humans KNOW that what you are saying is shit, er, wrong, but, you keep repeating it as if it were fact, because otherwise it would be, er, uncomfortable?
Er, yep, that is what we do!
But, don’t you see where this goes?
No. Where does this go?
Well, all of your history, is just repeated SO often that even you believe it? And, it is all lies, yet, you believe them?
Yep, that is about it!
You do know, that nearly all of your “cultures” (read bugs for us) have things in your schools, stuff you teach your children, that are just continuations of lies that you yourselves have been told?
Yep. Sad. but we all know that, and accept it.
Like how you let 1% of people own everything?
Yep, like that.
Like, you humans actually let your kings and queens take land from somebody, give it to somebody else, then say nothing, it is “just how it is?”
Yep. sad but true.But, my turn to ask? What did you mean by, er, “bugs?”
Well, YOU talk about culture? As in, age-old culture?”
Yes, so?
Well, which country beats all other countries into submission?
That is easy, that would be America.
Ok, and, how “old” is american “culture?”
Nearly 300 years now!
WHAT? You let a people, a country, with less than 300 years of being alive RULE you? Why?
Well, that is easy, they spend more on weapons than all other countries on earth put together, and, well, they will kill us if we don’t do what they want!
And then the Alien surprised me, totally, he said:
“Well, fuck me!”

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