Hans Zimmer

just, because I can, now. And wish you to hear, is this a promo video for spitfire? Er, I think yes, still, just listen, do not click buy!!

Shite Movies

Is it just me? Or is Hollywood really made of (old) sugar, spice and things not nice? Like, cartoons? Really? A-Xman, (letters, come on, A through X!!!) and not a woman in sight, unless she is VERY pretty and taking her clothes off.

American Movies? As soon as I see that these days? I know it will be shit. Easy. Am I wrong? As for the “series?” Er, like Hunting Hitler? Ditched after season three? Like SO many american things? Get into it? Someone, somewhere decides it is not making “enough” (define) money? and it is pulled? Really? Especially the ones that promote questions? (ie, funded by the pentagon to promote US foreign “policy,” joke!!!!

So, na, NETFLIX? I have heard of. Did they not team up with Amazon to make $billions by selling shite movies?