African Pots

Now here is a video ( from all over Africa) showing what different Africans do with clay. There is not ONE of them that does things in harder than Granite or Granite like the Egyptians did. Why?

So, enjoy, beautiful pots!

International Space Station?

Recently went from MicroSoft XP to Linux, why? And, er, what? Chinese, Russians, Japanese, USA (americans) etc all working together? while here on earth they are thinking up new ways to earn money? er, sorry, to kill each other? really? go think.

Crazy Life

Really, this is crazy. I bought two books today: (see links) then, am watching this video.. now, if I had just seen the video? Am sure I would be thinking, oh yea, more shit.. but, then, after reading some of the book? I get it, condensed for the video, just a tiny part…

makes TOTAL sense, actually.. The Biology of Belief : (er, I found links on the site, should be for everyone?)

Then, Tibetan Yoga:

Now, it is not until you read BOTH of these that you get a sense of the idiots? :Lol!!! Imagine you are talking to a child, trying to explain, er, quantum physics? er, get it?

Know why?

See, Hollywood, or , the american film industry, will always push films like that. (which say, yes, you can) BUT, they, they will push a pentagon military film, which says no. you cannot, and will not. because, WE are the control here. See, it is all a lie. Imagine if people realized what they could do?


See, I watched this video? From a photographer? And he said, basically, fuck off Nikon, Canon, Sony etc, because, OUR generation do not know, or want to know about menus, what we DO is press our touchscreens.

So, the same for wordpress. It is SO difficult to do the most “normal” things. OK. I have to learn what they want, without being tracked.

OK. Let me learn, is all! llap

Well, a thought goes a long way, non?

See, I “thought” why post there, when I can post here? So, I hope you get it. Violin? Easy. Writing? Well, aspire. All the stuff I have actually “done” but, “they” say I have not? You will find here as proof of life, so to speak/ Ie, it is YOUR life, and I shall try hard to be as good as you are.